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       these few days got a lot of joker in the class sitting around me.and that miss chiew turned so high^ yesterday coz my class made her laugh so damn hard.haha.and i think she was so happy that she postponed our class test to next monday.yipee.hehe.:)that pervert cheng yong always making the class laugh.today that three CHILDISH gurls were extremely childish.regretted and count me unlucky for sitting next to them.cheng yong turned back to just take a look at joanne's ans and you now wad, she covered it with her book. when sally saw it, she also helped her to cover using a pencil case.siao zha bao.sec 1 liao still don't know how to be mature!!still play with soft toys.heard from jw that they are crazy over it.i think xiao wen should just change place with jw and join in the soft toy gang.pity her sia.got to mix with babies.yc and sh rox.they suan xiao wen till she no face so got to take out the soft toys that she hang on her wallet.muhahua.wish to skip training tml.can go home and do my hmk and play ff if i have the time.i bet on today's two soccer matches.really hope they can win coz i'm saving money to buy some things.  haha these two days everybody is making me laugh.hahaha. 


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